National park Brioni (Brijuni) (Fazana, Istria)

National park BrioniThe Brijuni island group that lies off the southwest coast of Istria in the vicinity of Pula, was once the meeting place of the European and world jet set. As the only national park in Istria, Brijuni with its 14 islands covering an area of 736 square hectares presents a unique play of nature that brings together remarkable animal species and rare and rich flora all at one place. It ranks as one of the loveliest archipelagos in the Mediterranean. Day by day the long forgotten splendour of the past from the beginning of the 20th century is slowly returning to Brijuni which is once again becoming the elite meeting place of the business world. Each guest knows that on this small, yet unique area there is a chance to enjoy the simple and often forgotten charms of nature – clean air, crystal-clear sea and untouched Mediterranean vegetation. The islands can be reached by boat departing daily from the nearby fishing village of Fazana. Registration at the reception of the Brijuni National Park is required. Sightseeing tours of the archipelago by boats start as well from the Pula waterfront with longer or shorter stops in the Brijuni Islands waters.

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National park Northern Velebit

National park Northern Velebit The Northern Velebit was proclaimed National Park in 1999, and is the youngest national park in Croatia. The Northern Velebit is famous for its karst features, for its rich flora and fauna and its natural beauty.

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National park Kornati

National park Kornati The archipelago of the Kornati islands is one of the most beautiful national parks in Croatia. The Kornati Islands are located in central Dalmatia and are made up of 89 islands, islets and rocks.

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National park Plitvice

National park Plitvice The National Park Plitvice Lakes is located in the region of Lika in Croatia. The territory is covered by forests, woods, streams, lakes and waterfalls. Plitvice was proclaimed as the first Croatian national park in 1949 and in 1979 became a part of the UNESCO list of World Heritage.

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National park Mljet

National park Mljet The island of Mljet is one of the most beautiful national parks in Croatia located at the extreme south of Dalmatia. The island of Mljet is 37 km long and is known for its crystal clear waters.

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National park Paklenica

National park Paklenica The National Park Paklenica is located in the southern part of the Velebit Mountain. The gorges of Velika Paklenica and Mala Paklenica cut the mountain with sheer cliffs over 400 meters while the area of the park is covered with a wonderful vegetation of lush forests.

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National park Risnjak

National park Risnjak The The Risnjak was proclaimed a national park in 1953. The highest peak is Veliki Risnjak with its 1528m. The national park Risnjak covers 3198 hectares of land.

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National park Krka

National park Krka The National Park Krka is one of the most beautiful national parks in Croatia. The Krka National Park is located about 80km from the city of Split, in the country of Skradin, near the historic town of Sibenik.

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