Nature park Ucka and Vela Draga (Ucka, Istria)

Nature park UckaLocated in one of the northernmost spots of the Mediterranean area, Mount Učka visually dominates the Istrian peninsula and the Bay of Kvarner. The Nature Park covers an area of 160 km2. To experience one of the most stunning panoramas in this part of Europe, climb the highest peak of Učka – Vojak (1401 m). Its stone tower offers a breathtaking 360-degree-panorama of the Istrian peninsula, northern Adriatic islands, mountains in the Gorski kotar region, and all the way to Venice and the Alps. Učka is the only place in the world where you can take a photograph of the Učka (Tommasini) bellflower, and one of the last European sites where you can watch griffon vultures or golden eagles. Apart enjoying good vibrations, here you can also taste sweet local dishes made of chestnuts, asparagus and other specialities of the healthy traditional cuisine. Učka Nature Park includes two educational trails (the Plas that passes over the top ridge of Mount Učka, and the 2-km-kong Vela draga) and the Slap hiking path.

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Nature park Zumberak, Samobor

Nature park Zumberak, Samobor The natural park of Zumberak is located in the area of Zumberacko gorje and it was proclaimed a nature park in 1999. Zumberak is about 30 km from Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. Today the area of the nature park includes Zumberacko gorje and Samobor Mountains.

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Nature park Lastovo, Dalmatia

Nature park Lastovo, Dalmatia Lastovo is an island of the southern Dalmatia with rich green hills and olive groves. Lastovo is considered one of the most important natural parks of the Mediterranean and as such protected by the WWF. Lastovo is surrounded by 46 islands and islets.

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Nature park Telascica, Dalmatia

Nature park Telascica, Dalmatia Inside a deep bay on the island of Dugi Otok is situated the beach of Telašcica. The beach Telašcica for its natural beauty has been proclaimed a nature park. The beach is sandy. Telašcica is suitable for the adventure lovers since it is difficult to reach.

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Nature park Velebit, Dalmatia

Nature park Velebit, Dalmatia The Northern Velebit was proclaimed National Park in 1999, and is the youngest national park in Croatia. The Northern Velebit is famous for its karst features, for its rich flora and fauna and its natural beauty.

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Nature park Vransko jezero, Biograd na moru

Nature park Vransko jezero, Biograd na moru The Vrana Lake is a natural park that is located near Biograd, between the Dalmatian cities of Zadar and Sibenik. The Vrana Lake is the bigger natural lake of Croatia and was proclaimed as such in 1999.

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Nature park Papuk, Slavonia

Nature park Papuk, Slavonia The Papuk is a natural park that is located in the north-west side of Pozega, in Slavonia. The top of the Papuk is 954m high. The Papuk is famous for its forests, botanical areas and historic buildings.

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Nature park Medvednica, Zagreb

Nature park Medvednica, Zagreb The Medvednica Nature Park is located in the northern part of Zagreb. The highest peak of the Medvednica is Sljeme with 1032 m. Zagreb is one of the few european capitals at whose feet lies a natural park.

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Nature park Lonjsko Polje, Slavonia

Nature park Lonjsko Polje, SlavoniaThe Lonja Field is a natural park that is located in the valley between the river Sava and the Mount Moslavina, 30km from the town of Sisak. The Lonjsko Polje is a protected area that extends over an area of ​​506 km2.

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Nature park Kopacki rit, Osijek

Nature park Kopacki rit, OsijekThe Kopacki rit is a natural park that is located near the mouth of the river Drava at the border with Serbia. Kopacki rit is one of the largest and most important wetlands in Europe. The natural park Kopacki rit includes several lakes located on the river Drava. The Kopacki rit is famous for its rich flora and fauna, for the abundance of water and its untouched nature.

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Nature park Biokovo, Makarska

Nature park Biokovo, Makarska The natural park of Biokovo occupies an area of ​​19 550 hectares and overlooks the entire Makarska Riviera. The massif of Biokovo is full of caves, ditches, abysses and forests. The natural park of Biokovo is located 6 km from Makarska in the direction of Vrgorac.

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