Waterfalls Kotli (Kotle) in Buzet, Travel Guide for holidays in Buzet, Istria

Waterfalls Kotli (Kotle), Buzet – Points of interest

Rečina is the official name of the river, by which it is marked on most maps, but the people who live in the valley call it Mirna. In autumn, when the snow starts to melt on Učka and Ćićarija, and after the rains, it fills with water, and during the summer, after long droughts, it can completely disappear. The village has maintained its current appearance since the 18th century, or even earlier. There are approximately 15 houses still standing, which are bigger and prettier than the houses in nearby villages and hamlets. The conditions for such architecture partly lie in the stable income of well known and respected local craftsmen. The houses on the main street are evidence of better times, when there were a lot of people living in the village.