Waterfalls Zarecki krov in Pazin, Travel Guide for holidays in Pazin, Istria

Waterfalls Zarecki krov, Pazin – Points of interest

One of the largest waterfalls in Istria. With Pazin cave most interesting natural attraction Pazinčica valley. The main summer resort Pazin is located next to the old road to Cerovlje, just after the overpass bridge Krasa, where you turn on an unmarked path that leads to the roof Zarečkog.   The waterfall water cascading down from ten meters high rock that has hung over almost as deep lake, the largest in Pazinčica. This is now a popular place for swimming, diving, hiking, fishing, polo, picnics. There are decorated numerous directions for climbing different weights, and a special curiosity direction “Snake”, which involves climbing on the ceiling of the cave, and who is regarded as the most difficult climbing routes in Croatia.