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Draguc panorama Draguć as we know it today was formed around the medieval castle, which is nowadays almost completely incorporated in the architectural structure of the later periods. Mentioned in 1102 as deed of conveyance by the Istrian Margrave Ulrich to the Aquileia Patriarchs, later as part of the future Pazin County it belonged to the Counts of Gorica and finally to the Habsburgs. The town was attacked while the settlement surrounding the Castle was burnt and destroyed by both Ottomans and Venetians. No matter what wars had begun, the plague continued on more occasions and in 1855 cholera put the end to it having decimated the population. That the town survived is a pure miracle just as it is the fact that so much has been preserved up to the present times.

Til now many movies were filmed and several commercials (HT Mobile). Our Draguć hosted many film stars, foreign and local. Here are some movies that have been filmed in Draguć: Twilight, 1982. (Karl Malden, Damien Nash, Paul Vujisić, Mia Roth, Jodi Thelen) – Čamčatka (SLO) (Melitta), 1995. (Boris Cavazza, Sebastian Cavazza, Ena Begovic) – La Femme Musketeer, 2002. (Michael York, Gerard Depardieu, Nastassja Kinski) and many others.

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Draguc, IstriaDraguc, Istria