Oprtalj, Travel Guide for holidays in Oprtalj, Istria

Oprtalj – Points of interests

Oprtalj panorama Oprtalj is located at 378 m above sea level. It was inhabited Already in prehistoric times and it developed a prehistoric fortification – fort. In Roman times, in the same position as a military station probes, various inscriptions and fragments were found in the area. In the Middle Ages Oprtalj was in the possession of German feudal lords and then from the 1209 it belonged to the Patriarch of Aquileia.After its fall followed a period of Venetian administration under whose ruleit remained until the fall of Venice 1789. This period left the biggest mark in its architecture. Subsequently after the short reign of the French passes under the rule of Austria and Italy, and after the liberation in 1945 it was conjoined with the rest of Istria Yugoslavia. The seat of the Municipality has about one hundred inhabitants.

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Oprtalj, IstriaOprtalj, Istria