Visnjan, Travel Guide for holidays in Visnjan, Istria

Visnjan – Points of interests

Visnjan panorama Passing along the cobblestone street at the foot of the hill, you will see the Gothic chapel of St. Anthony the Abbot (Sv. Anton) from the 15th century. This street leads you to the town gate decorated with a relief of the Venetian lion from 1517 with the town’s pride hiding behind it – the old town square. The square,partly surrounded by town walls built in the 13th and 14th century, is decprated by a 27 m high bell-tower, 18th century Municipal loggia, water-well and the Parish church of SS. Quiricus and Julita (Sv. Kvirik i Julita) dating from the 19th century. From the water-well there is an all-embracing view of the landscape reaching the sea – over the fields, vineyards and spreaded small houses of the nearby villages. Inhabitants of Višnjan are known as very diligent people. They cherished their fields, vineyards and cattle as their biggest treasure and they got the best of their red soil. They have succeeded in maintaining their autochthonism and therefore they can offer a rich variety of traditional Istrian dishes, quality wines from renowned wine-makers, olive oil and many other traditional and ecological products, which you can taste in a pleasant ambience of a wine cellar, restaurant or agritourism.

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Visnjan, IstriaVisnjan, Istria