Kastelir – Labinci, Travel Guide for holidays in Kastelir – Labinci, Istria

Kastelir – Labinci – Points of interests

Kastelir - Labinci panorama Two villages – Kaštelir and Labinci ( ital. Castelier – S. Domenica) , have been slowly urbanistically expanding during the centuries which resulted in their being merged into one municipality located some ten kilometers north of Poreč. According to historical records, Labinci was once a bigger settlement than Kaštelir, whereas today it is the other way around. A legend says that the inhabitants of Labinci used to go to Motovun on horseback every Sunday to pick up a priest to have him serve Sunday mass in their church. On their way back to Motovun they would, as compensation, clean up the Motovun Square. During the history both villages used to be under the jurisdiction of Motovun and later Vižinada. Today, numerous showrooms can be found in their suburbs which came to mirror a modern industrial zone.

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Kastelir - Labinci, IstriaKastelir - Labinci, Istria